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Last Updated on 04/10/2024

The legal market is growing, but not as fast as many professionals would expect. Over the next 10 years, the number of attorney vacancies should increase by 6%, which is quite a stable indicator among other industries. However, competition between job seekers only intensifies by every next year.

However, everything is not so bad, and you know it if you are an experienced professional. In case you are a recent graduate, you will soon understand that with the high motivation getting the desired job is not so difficult.

Nevertheless, there is one general rule for all – bureaucracy. In other words, your resume and cover letter should not only look great, but perfect. So, one of the best choices is to use attorney resume services.

Below, we will describe how they can help you, who are the legal resume writers, average costs of these services, and how to choose the best.

But first, look at our list of the best attorney resume writing services you ever can find. Here goes!

Attorney Resume Writing Services

Now more than ever, the Internet is full of thousands of different websites that offer almost the same resume services. Our task was to find companies that provide legal resume writings and check them by all parameters.

So, we can praise ourselves for a vast attorney resume review we made, and present you a list of proven legal resume writing services:

1. Find My Profession
logo of find my profession
Find My Profession offers first-class legal resume writing service. Resume writers specialize in 85+ various industries and craft ATS-friendly resumes.
Key Features
  • 60-day interview guarantee 
  • Turnaround: 3-5 business days 
  • Direct contact with a writer 
  • Cost: $595-$895
2. ResumeZest
resumezest logo
Rezumezest is a newbie on our list of professional resume writing services reviews. But the company already got noticed on Trustpilot with a 100% excellent rating.
Key Features
  • Turnaround: 3-5 business days
  • ATS compliance: Yes
  • Revisions: Unlimited, 1 week
  • Cost: $279-$479
3. ResumeGets
logo of attorney writing service
ResumeGets has a team of highly-skilled, certified resume writers. With years of experience in the recruiting niche, they know how to focus on the needed details and create the most powerful resume.
Key Features
  • Turnaround: 5-7 business days
  • ATS compliance: Yes
  • Revisions: Unlimited, 45 days
  • Cost: $149-$349
4. Do My Resume.NET logo of domyresume writing service
Do My Resume.net is one of the leading resume writing services. Enjoy a high-quality service in a short period of time!
Key Features
  • Free resume review 
  • Unlimited revision for 14 days 
  • Turnaround: 3-5 business days 
  • Price: $229-$329
5. Craft Resumes
logo of attorney writing service
Craft Resumes provide legal resume service for attorneys, starting from entry-level (0-2 yrs) to C-level (10 yrs+).
Key Features
  • Delivery within 24-hours
  • ATS-friendly resume
  • Direct contact with a writer
  • Price: $229-$499

Why Do You Need Attorney Resume Writing Service?

First of all, an excellent legal resume service will save you time. Even if you are currently employed, it is better to spend free time on the searching process than on writing documents. 

If you are not a professional resume writer, then your chances of managing a legal resume are not very high. But this is not because you are silly or the task is too hard. The resume writing specialist can do this way better, because he/she is highly experienced and has all the necessary knowledge. 

These days, job seekers must fight with software screening systems or so-called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Legal resume writing services easily cope with such programs by including a sufficient number of professional keywords in your document. 

Don’t know how to write a legal resume? It is normal. At a minimum, this document differs from a regular business paper in several forms:

  • The Pitch. In a business resume, you can describe yourself as a creative innovator, while the legal document primarily selling expertise, experience, and professional judgment.
  • The Format. The legal resume shouldn’t be bright and creative. It is a severe document with Times New Roman-like font, simple bullets, and minimal graphics.
  • The Structure. Unlike business industry specialists, lawyers have mandatory ethical rules required by their bar communities and the courts. These rules prevent them from lying expectations, promising results and specific achievements, comparing their assistance to other attorneys, etc. In other words, the structure of the resume should be as factual and objective as possible.
  • Terminology. The language of attorney resume should not be “selling”. Professional legal jargon has to be used carefully, and not overload the text.
  • Details. Most legal employees can boast of their near-OCD attention to details. Thus, the attention to detail in writing isn’t just desirable for attorneys, but minimal qualification.

Licensed legal resume services will help you deal with the competitors. At the beginning of this review, we answered why there is high competition in the legal labour market. So, the attorney expert will help you stand out among opponents, go through the first step of the selection, and receive an interview invitation. 

Using one of the attorney resume writing services, you will have the opportunity to cooperate with a professional legal recruiter. Many people wrongly believe that such services hire only general writers, who can daily stamp several resume templates. Maybe this works for some services, but certainly not for our TOP list! Read on to learn more about legal resume experts. 

Legal Resume Writers – Who Are They? 

Every popular attorney resume service is always proud of its writers. After all, writers are those employees who do the most significant task – create your documents. But who are they? Let’s have a closer look at this question and find out what kind of writers work in the most famous legal resume services. 

Education. A bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Communications, Human Resource Management and Law, or Juridical Science is a minimum. Doctors of the Science of Law, who usually can’t conduct professional activity but want to transfer their knowledge and help young professionals, also work at these services. 

Legal experience. Must have experience working in the legal industry as a legal recruiter, lawyer, legal secretary, paralegal, law firm administrator, legal analysts, or other. 

Resume writing experience. Must have at least 3 years of working experience writing legal resumes. Thus, the expert has enough skills to create professional documents for all clients.

Certifications. Each legal resume writer must have professional writing certificates as PARW (Professional Association of Resume Writers), NCOPE (Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert), or NRWA (National Resume Writers’ Association). 

Not Writers. Besides staff authors, legal resume writing service often hires different level advisors. They can be award-winning career experts, highly respected resume industry leaders, famous attorney career coaches, certified career transition coaches (CCTC), and many others.

Attorney Resume Writing Service Cost

Before talking about prices, let’s give some examples of the most common services companies provide:

  • Legal Resume Writing Services (from entry level to professional).
  • 60-Day Interview Guarantee.
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover.
  • Cover Letter Writing Services.
  • Legal Interview Coaching.
  • Free Resume Evaluation.
  • Infographic Resumes Creating.
  • Free Future Resume Update.

If to talk about attorney resume writing service cost, you should determine what quality paper you need. As it always works – the higher the quality, the bigger the price. However, the cost not only depends on the paper quality, but also on your desired position level. 

For example, if you are a recently graduated student and looking for entry level work position, then you are lucky to have the cheapest legal resume services price (around $170-450).

In case you are applying for a G7/G8 job, your legal resume may cost about $800-1500, and for the professional G14/G15 work position, the price can reach $2500-4000.

The higher the position you apply, the bigger the requirements for the candidates and their documents are expected. It means your legal resume should carry more details, keywords, logical sequences, and so on. 

Among all the services the average resume writing cost (for middle-level legal jobs) is about $1500.

Pay attention, that most companies offer all-inclusive service packages, which may include Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Profile Makeover, Rich Keywords, or anything else, as an addition for the basic attorney resume. Usually, such offers can save you from $100 to $300.  

Which Payment Methods Attorney Resume Writing Service Use? 

You definitely won’t have any problems with payment methods. All writing companies are trying to make sure that every client can pay for services in all existing payment forms: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, Maestro card Discover, and Wire Transfer.

How to Choose Legal Resume Writing Service?

In the beginning, we already wrote that the Internet is full of various resume writing websites. And unfortunately, most of them are just trash. Of course, you can use one of the services we have tested, but still, you need to learn how to choose a good and honest company for all your business documents.

What you should look for:
  • Accreditation. Is the online attorney resume company you’re considering an authorized member of the Better Business Bureau?
  • Suitable Lead Time. As a rule, all legal writing services work with different deadlines. Someone fulfils orders in 3-4 weeks, when others can master your resume in 24 hours.
  • Resume Samples. All reputable services have samples of the papers they are accomplished for previous clients. Take a look at the document format, layout, structure, word choice, and how personalized it seems.
  • Certification. It is not just a piece of paper, but a proof of the right qualifications and understanding of successful resume strategies.
  • Guarantee. Many legal resume writing services usually provide a 60-Day Interview Guarantee. If you were not invited for an interview within 60 days, they would create for you a new paper.
What you should avoid:
  • Poor Customer Support. Always check how customer support works first. To do this, contact them and ask a few clarifying questions. If a company has poor customer support, what legal resume services can they provide?
  • Money-Back Guarantee. In 99% of cases, legitimate resume websites do not offer refunds. Their policy is aimed at providing high-quality services, but not at the customer loss.
  • Website Without Details. All popular legal resume companies have accessible and understandable website interfaces with a detailed description of each section: services, writers, guarantees, policy, company, FAQ, and contact details. If this information is not included, it is better to avoid this service.
  • No Reviews. Do not trust companies that have no reviews on the Internet. It should cause distrust and suspicion. Before using any online services, always check client reviews on trusted sites.

Legal Resume Writing Service Reviews

Excellent customer feedback is the key to the superb reputation of any writing company. You can check legal resume writing service reviews on the websites: 

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Trustpilot
  • Reviews.io
  • Reddit
  • Sitejabber

On these sites, we found hundreds of customer reviews for each attorney resume wiring services we listed.

Most of the people described the same situation: at first, they tried to write a resume by themselves, but didn’t even get an interview invitation. In a while, they decided to order professional services, and after a couple of months, they found excellent legal job options. Here are some examples:

legal testimonials
I lost my job about a month ago. As horrifying as that was, Find My Profession helped me get back on my feet. Today I am pleased to say that with the help of Find My Profession I received a job offer with an amazing company making more money than I did with my previous job. The best part about Find My Profession is that through their actions they let me know that I wasn’t alone in the process. They made it easy to apply for jobs and coached me every step of the way. They truly cared. And for that I am very grateful.
testimonial for legal service
The process is thorough and intense. I enjoyed working with Heather. She is dedicated to her craft and was responsive to what was important to me to find in my next position. Make sure you are committed to the process as you will need to dedicate time each day to reviewing jobs, responding to emails, and treating the job search like a “job” itself. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and the other FindMyProfession staff. I signed an offer letter last week for exactly the new career position I was seeking. I highly recommend!
testimonial for legal resume writing services
I am in the process of transitioning industries and was in desperate need of a professional CV to highlight and downplay certain skills. The end result was a great transformation. Amber and Lindsay were amazing and attentive to details. Highly recommend Find My Profession.

Lastly, we want to advise not to save on your own success. As a rule, such savings only waste your time and prevent personal development.

Yes, sometimes it seems that we can do all by ourselves, and this is a pleasant feeling. But the best tactic is the correct distribution of responsibilities, the way the resume writers can do their job, and you yours.

Trust respectful legal writing services all your legal bureaucracy, and go to do more meaningful things. 

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