Federal Resume Guide is a trustworthy media resource designed to help our visitors feel easy at the point of building a career in the federal government sector. The government hiring process is not straightforward, and this challenge requires deeper knowledge of federal hiring strategies. We strive to put job seekers first, providing free access to the pool of hottest, precise, and relevant information about U.S. federal jobs available within the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government.

On our platform, you will find federal resume templates and federal cover letter examples to make and improve your career with federals. Our articles include a wide scope of answers on frequently asked questions about bureaucratic procedures, that make the federal hiring process longer, expert advice, and helpful tips on how to overcome all hardships of federal recruitment.

Our Mission

Federal Resume Guide is here for you to build an actionable roadmap, highlighting the potential career paths in government. We provide the information, successfully connecting thousands of people to new opportunities for federal employment. Our mission is to improve the government recruitment journey by collecting and covering fine points of federal resume writing in a complete guide.

We take responsibility to ensure our content and experiences reflect the diverse audiences we serve. Whether you need information about an internship or entry-level jobs as a student or a grad, transition military to civilian jobs as a military veteran, executive roles as a senior staff member, or search for specific hiring conditions as an individual with disabilities – you’ll find everything and even more on the pages of this guide.

Here you can read the real stories of success, learn how to prepare for a federal job interview, enhance the federal career opportunities with our pieces of advice on how to fine-tune your federal resume, and get the data you may trust about the USAJOBS in government. We are committed to making your interaction with federals more effective and smoother!

Our Team

The Federal Resume Guide writers refine upon a question of how to get a government job, remaining abreast of global employment and hiring trends. Some of the team members collaborate with solid companies across the region, helping them find the workforce they need as well as helping to build pathways to in-demand jobs. An extensive background in the recruiting and communications roles of our writers allows us to get all impressions and experiences embedded into comprehensive guides on all ins and outs of federal employment.

Daniella Epstein

As a former HR Practitioner, Daniella is agile in today’s working world and quickly assesses the trends in federal recruitment. Being excellent at job-hunting strategies, she can provide constructive feedback for a federal resume and ensures the smooth running of interviews by maintaining dialogue throughout the candidate experience.

Jim Madson

Jim is a top talent in executive resume writing services. He is instrumental in all things Federal Resume Guide, accelerating productivity. Jim knows the targets of his clients, understands their background in massive detail, and writes compelling executive resumes to strategically market them.

Linda R. Bedford

Linda is a Civilian Transition Specialist, who utilizes her military experiences to help find a civil job for military veterans and military-connected families. Her mastership in crafting professional resumes is highly valued and covers many fields. On top of working, Linda spends the little free time she has coaching.

Richard Harter

Richard is a federal career expert guru, who specializes in training and consulting in the areas of retirement, career development, and transition. As a USAJOBS consultant, he can create the best federal resume example for all job levels, including C-suite, targeted resumes for new grads, appealing cover letters, and attractive personal-branded LinkedIn profiles.

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