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Jim is an executive resume writer who stays abreast of the newest trends in the employment industry. He develops high-performance federal resumes to build a successful career.

federal resume for entry-level jobs
Entry Level Federal Resume Sample

An entry-level resume of any specialty is always complicated to write. The main challenge is to describe short work experience as advantageously as possible. Nowadays, recruiters are full of those who are seeking work. They are looking through hundreds of resumes per day, so it is almost impossible to surprise them. Anyway, you shouldn’t surprise anyone with an entry level

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working for the government vs private
Government vs Private Sector Jobs: Expectations and Reality

When you’re looking for a job, there are two primary avenues that you can take. You can either search for a role in the private sector or look for a government job, which can be one of the state or federal level. There are pros and cons to each path, but there are a few main areas of compensation that

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knowledge, skills, abilities
How to Write a KSA for a Government Job

The majority of government job announcements will require applicants to complete a KSA questionnaire. The acronym stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. KSAs for federal jobs collect information from applicants about their experiences that are directly related to the job. Knowing how to write KSA for federal jobs will greatly improve your chances of being asked to a job interview.

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government job resume objective
Government Job Resume Objective

Don’t overlook the importance of the resume objective for government jobs. A strong federal resume objective at the top of the page could give you a competitive advantage over other applicants. Competition for government jobs can be huge. USAJobs processes over 2,000,000 applications a year. The government, however, typically hires about 90,000 new employees each year. The resume objective is

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military to civilian resume example
Military to Civilian Resume Example

After years of military life, you might find it difficult to explain your job qualifications to civilians. The military resume examples for civilian jobs presented here offer clear guidance for translating military skills into a civilian style. Writing a resume isn’t easy for anyone, but veterans have to overcome extra hurdles. The jargon and acronyms that you’re familiar with might

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Federal Salary Negotiation Letter Example

Salary negotiation letters should avoid being longer than one page unless someone has an extraordinary list of credentials to highlight. A short letter that quickly makes its point will show respect for the hiring manager’s time and ensure effective communication.  Templates for salary negotiation letters all follow a standard format. At the top, the job applicant enters contact information. This

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FBI Federal Resume Template

The FBI has developed a specific resume template for people who want to become FBI special agents. Job postings for these positions will include access to the FBI federal resume template. Applicants must complete every section on the template with the exception of the Military Experience section, which is only necessary for veterans. The template sections are: Summary Statement Professional

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occupational questionnaire
Understand Occupational Questionnaire at USAJOBs is the online portal for people searching for work at the federal government. Your application for most government positions will require completing a USAJobs occupational questionnaire. The assessment questionnaire USAJobs will present to you varies depending on the job positions. It might have 10 questions or dozens. You can expect to encounter: [su_list icon=”icon: dot-circle-o” icon_color=”#435f8c”] Multiple choice questions

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List of Government Jobs

At any given time, you can expect to find 30,000 open job positions in the federal government. Any list of federal government jobs displays positions for people with various levels of education. Looking at a list of federal government jobs can be overwhelming at first. To drill down to good job matches, focus on government departments and agencies related to

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