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Jim is an executive resume writer who stays abreast of the newest trends in the employment industry. He develops high-performance federal resumes to build a successful career.

List of Government Jobs

At any given time, you can expect to find 30,000 open job positions in the federal government. Any list of federal government jobs displays positions for people with various levels of education. Looking at a list of federal government jobs can be overwhelming at first. To drill down to good job matches, focus on government departments and agencies related to

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cover letter for government job
Federal Cover Letter Sample

Sample cover letters for government jobs provide clear guidance to help you craft an enticing message to a job recruiter. Your letter should be no more than one page and quickly highlight your best qualifications for the desired position. A government cover letter template will guide you through the elements that a strong cover letter needs to succeed. In general,

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Writing a cover letter
How to Write a Cover Letter for Government Job

Cover letters are often the first exposure a hiring committee has to a job applicant. For job hunters, however, writing cover letters is a common source of frustration. It can be difficult to know what to include in a cover letter for even civilian jobs. Writing cover letters for government jobs can be even trickier due to the specific criteria that

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usajobs profile
How to Create and Delete a USAJOBS Account

The USAJOBS website is the official channel through which to submit your application for federal jobs. The site lists nearly all available federal vacancies, including: contract; seasonal; temporary and permanent position announcements. You can use filters to search vacancies by: job title; job type; position location; hiring agency; salary grade; work schedule. You can also use the advanced function to

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Success Government Job Interview
Making Your Government Job Interview A Success

You’ve just landed an interview for a government job. Congratulations! Now what? You may be nervous and not sure what to expect. But with some basic preparation, you can make your government job interview success. Preparing for a government job interview is not difficult, but to be successful it does require some time and research. Government Job Interview Questions and

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