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Linda is a Professional Resume Writer and Military to Civilian Transition Specialist. Her expertise range across a large spectrum of industries. She loves coaching with people and helps job-seekers in transitioning to their next and best chapter.

best federal resume writing service
Best 5 Federal Resume Writing Services (2024)

Federal agencies provide professional writers with stable and stimulating work. Landing a federal job, however, means that you need to navigate a bureaucratic process that requires a special type of resume. A simple list of federal jobs and dry descriptions of duties will be easily rejected, especially for competitive positions that require extensive technical knowledge and experience. To put forward

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how does a va loan work
How to Get a VA Loan

A beautiful American dream is to buy a nice house and move with the whole family there. In order to make it real, that means to acquire a dwelling, you need to work long and hard. But sometimes, a wish of the new home can be almost inaccessible. People like veterans or military personnel sometimes cannot afford new apartments. Therefore,

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linkedin premium military
LinkedIn Premium for Veterans – Free Subscription for 1 Year

Unlike other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), LinkedIn is explicitly aimed at professional networking. And it is very convenient for both recruiters and job seekers.  Statistics show that LinkedIn represents workers from all sectors, holding positions up to senior executives of all companies from the Fortune 500 list. Some users practice LinkedIn for one narrowly set goal, for example,

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military cover letter
Military Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters are crucial when applying for a new job, especially in the military industry. This is your main argument and statement that you are better than other applicants and worthy of this vacancy. Therefore, in a cover letter, every word and every comma are essential. But if in a motivation business letter, a candidate can show his/her creativity, the

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what is the safest branch of the military
What is the Safest Military Branch?

At the end of studying, many students think about whether to choose a military profession for a future career. It is not surprising, because now the armed forces are one of the noblest and most prestigious jobs for Americans. But not everyone is ready to risk their lives when others do not have enough health capacities for full service. So,

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toughest military job
Most Dangerous Military Jobs

At all times, the military profession was considered to be truly masculine and undoubtedly dangerous. Nowadays, women can also successfully build an army career, while the danger label of this work forever remains relevant. In fear of war efforts, society always demands organized, competent, and physically trained fighters. However, mental abilities in this industry are no less important than physical

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jobs for spouses of military bases
The Best Jobs for Military Spouses

Taking into account all pros and cons of being a military wife,living with a serviceman on active duty is far cry from being a bed of roses. An often demanding schedule and reassignments that include frequent and unexpected moves can ruin many family plans and career paths. Building careers for military spouses combined with a prominent need for childcare and

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military resume template
Military Resume Examples

These examples of military resumes will allow you to overcome mental roadblocks to writing your resume. The resumes possess similar sections, particularly summary, work experience, skills, and education. Except for starting with the summary, you can place other sections in the order that makes the most sense for your situation. Don’t try to compose your resume completely from the beginning.

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best paying job in the military
Highest Paying Military Jobs

Joining the Armed Forces could connect you with a rewarding career. As with most occupations, you’ll need to put in a few years to earn higher pay. Military base monthly payment is determined by your rank and years of service. To qualify for military jobs that pay well, the biggest action that you can take is to pursue a career

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military experience on resume examples
How to Put Military Experience on a Resume

Military service immerses people in a separate world with its terminology, codes, job titles, and acronyms. When it’s time for you to enter the civilian job world, your resume with military experience might confuse job recruiters. They often have trouble connecting military job descriptions with job requirements. How to Add Military Experience to a Resume To fix the problem, you’ll

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