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Last Updated on 12/27/2023

There are a number of reasons why one would look for career opportunities in the governmental sector instead of the private business sector.

Federal government jobs mean stability, perfect work-life balance, decent working conditions, and a generous retirement package for many applicants.

The best federal government jobs in the USA complement this list of benefits with high payment rates and great career prospects.

Of course, not all of the federal jobs will turn out to be a good choice in terms of salary and employee benefits. If you are aiming at a federal government position, we recommend looking through the lists of federal government jobs as of today.

You might be surprised by how many interesting and lucrative job titles you will find. If you possess the necessary education and skills, your choice of the best-paying government jobs will substantially widen.

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Top Government Jobs

Here, we have gathered six positions, which have been featured in the latest reports about the best jobs in the federal government.

We estimated the average base salary per year for the careers with a high level of satisfaction and the highest-paying federal positions, taken from Glassdoor data, presented as of December 2023.

The income in this listing of top government jobs may vary depending on several aspects, like experience and professional skills, level of education, company size, and location.     

1. Customs Inspector

Average Base US salary: $74,872 per year

The need for the customs inspectors is constantly rising at the Department of Homeland Security. If you desire to work in this field, the US Customs and Border Protection agency can offer a special internship program.

Those who possess law enforcement or military law enforcement experience, increase their chance of getting the job and being paid a higher salary. This position gives access to the employee benefits package, which will be appreciated by those who get this job, as well as by their families.

2. Nurse

Average Base US salary: $84,620 per year

Today, the growth rates for the registered nurse position are much higher than those for practically all other occupations.

The federal government nursing jobs are most needed at the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of the Army, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The requirements for this position would most commonly include an approved nursing program diploma, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

By 2030, nearly one in five Americans will be age 65 and older. As the US population ages increasingly, Americans will have health problems and functional disability, and require extra care. That means that most of leaving will fall to family members. Now, women make up 60% of caregivers.

3. Budget Analyst

Average Base US salary: $75,231 per year

The recent lists of top federal jobs continuously include the budget analyst position, which is most commonly needed at the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of the Air Force.

A bachelor’s degree is a typical education requirement for this position. Additional educational or work experience in finance and statistics will be a great advantage for the applicant. You can also make use of the internship programs offered by the Congressional Budget Office.

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4. Human Resources Manager 

Average Base US salary: $78,708 per year

Having a fast growth rate, this position is most needed at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of the Interior.

Apart from having a bachelor’s degree or, in some cases, a master’s degree, as well as relevant work experience, this position will require the candidate to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, which are highly important for this job.

5. Auditor

Average Base US salary: $75,063 per year

Restrictions on law and tax regulations make auditing a growing field (+10% by 2026). Every government sector needs an auditor to organize, maintain, and review financial records, prepare tax returns, make tax payments, and suggest cost-saving operations on behalf of the organization. The demand constantly rises for audits relating to international trade, mergers, and acquisitions.

Aspiring auditors certified as Public Accountants (CPA) have the best prospects. Owners of a Master’s Degree in accounting or business administration will have an advantage. Credentials, training in a definite area of expertise, and a thorough understanding of laws, regulations, financial reporting standards are viewed as desirable qualifications.

6. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Average Base US salary: $126,213 per year

U.S. military medical and nursing research facilities, mobile surgery and outpatient care centers, offices of many medical professionals are in constant need of CRNAs. States with the highest employment level include Florida, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Michigan. Metropolitan areas tend to pay higher salaries to CRNAs.

Consider that currently, a Master’s degree focusing on anesthesia and national certification is enough to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist. The state of things will change in 2025 when a doctoral degree will be required to enter the field.

7. Incident Manager

Average Base US salary: $97,000 per year

For those seeking the best government jobs with Bachelor’s degree, this position is a lucrative opportunity. Simply put, a professional in charge is responsible for keeping a company’s data technology systems well-maintained, optimized, and protected from outer and inner vulnerabilities. It is on par with other best federal government jobs in the IT software maintenance industry, but it focuses on locating, documenting, and fixing any issues in the network and preventing them from happening ever again.

Depending on your expertise, you can also have other responsibilities to handle, including managing technical support departments or individual teams. As one of the coolest government jobs, it relies on your exceptional skills in computing, cybersecurity, and programming.

8. Logistician

Average Base US salary: $75,000 per year

The best government jobs are a perfect opportunity for any specialty, especially for utilizing your military experience. When you advance in your career, don’t hesitate to take a closer look at top jobs in government — top-notch employers call for competent veterans with a strong background in the field.

Use your special knowledge as an advantage in your new role as a logistician. Although a bit of additional training is required, your precise and prompt decision-making and skills to analyze a lot of data while following strict guidelines will maximize your productivity in managing a company’s supply chain.

9. Public Accountant

Average Base US salary: $91,500 per year

The list of the best federal jobs for veterans is impressive, showcasing how military responsibilities and duties help in fulfilling other tasks. Among the rising in popularity examples of federal jobs, the position of a certified public accountant is one of the most promising opportunities.

What is a good government job? It is the one that won’t hit rock bottom in the long run — over ninety-five thousand new roles in audit and accounting markets in the USA are projected to be established by 2030. In this case, your problem-solving experience will be a stunning base for a CPA role. Overall, its responsibilities boil down to maintaining the quality of a company’s financial records and setting clear and feasible budgeting goals.

10. Disability Manager

Average Base US salary: $86,000 per year

In addition to reviewing disability policies and assisting clients with their cases, this sample of the best federal jobs involves unmatched assistance in collecting and preparing files for disability-related services and other arrangements. It is not only about understanding how the law system works. As one of the great government jobs with a pretty low entry level for beginners, it also includes overseeing each client’s case from point A to point B — submitting paperwork on their behalf, complying to the state’s requirements in the deal, obtaining case updates, visiting their houses, and so on.

11. Statistician

Average Base US salary: $121,500 per year

In this case, mathematicians take a step forward to advancing data analytics and interpretation. There are numerous best places to work in federal government if you are a skilled statistician — companies and organizations are seeking experts in social trend tracking and policy development strategies. Thanks to math-related techniques and tools, seasoned employees in the field can transform troubleshooting of business problems and ensure its data-driven nature.

12. Environmental Engineer

Average Base US salary: $95,000 per year

These experts work on implementing the leading practices of environmental engineering in practice. This sample of the best state jobs focuses on effective methods and solutions to lessen the effect of human activities on the surrounding world. Teamwork skills are crucial since you will need to cooperate with several third-party professionals like state government agencies to develop eco-friendly and green technologies and infrastructure overall. Career opportunities vary, depending on your primary goal in the position — planning and troubleshooting in theory or implementing the results of your work in practice.

13. Data Entry Clerk

Average Base US salary: $43,500 per year

The best federal jobs without a degree aren’t a myth, and the presented opportunity is only the tip of the iceberg. The list of qualifications and duties for a top-notch performance as a data entry clerk includes:

  • advanced data typing skills for effective and time-efficient results;
  • ongoing support in the team on an ad-hoc basis;
  • quick analysis of source documents for precise representation of numerical and text-based data;
  • experience with printers, scanners, and other office equipment.

If you are interested in flexible working conditions like remote, full-time, and part-time offers, it is one of the best government jobs in the USA to suit beginners.

14. Deputy Sheriff

Average Base US salary: $65,000 per year

Not only is this position an eye-catching offer for people without a degree, but it is also one of the best government jobs after military. Your prospective duties in the distinguished role come down to maintaining public order and preventing crimes in the target region. Like some other best public sector jobs on the list, it requires in-depth knowledge of applicable ordinances and laws to be enforced to solve a certain crime case.

15. Civil Engineer

Average Base US salary: $98,000 per year

Although it is a pretty demanding position in terms of physical requirements, education, and experience, it is also among the best federal jobs for civilians seeking professional satisfaction and fulfillment. Its varied responsibilities offer hidden hints on career development opportunities this role holds. The major part of duties circles around planning and creating drafts of pipelines, buildings, roads, and other systems to ensure the comfort and efficiency of private, industrial, and commercial city centers.

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Wrapping Up

All good federal jobs require an academic or professional degree, technical training, or coursework in a particular area of study for entry into the desired occupation.

If you dare to take those odds of public service, high starting salaries, professional development assistance, room for growth, and all benefits of government jobs will be the reward. Don’t hesitate, there are a lot of entry-level federal government jobs. Do your research and you’re bound to find a dream job in the US government.

As you see, opportunities to work for the government are lucrative in their divergence and profitability, letting you choose what suits your particular interests and long-term career goals. With this guide’s insights, it will be easier to estimate what good government jobs will be in demand in the future as well. The government job market cheers you for unique adventures and accomplishments.

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