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Last Updated on 04/10/2024

Find My Profession is a professional service that can help you get all of the edges that you need to stand out from the rest of the competition. Whether you need to write a new copy of your resume, or someone to help you find the areas where you could improve your interviewing skills, Find My Profession can help you get the most out of your time when you’re trying to land the perfect job. Find My Profession has a whole suite of services, including:

  • Resume writing.
  • Cover letter writing.
  • LinkedIn profile writing.
  • Interviewing skills coaching.

Finding the services that you need for a successful job search is easier when you take a look at what Find My Profession can offer by looking at the website and reviews on Find My Profession. Here are some more things that you should know about the reviews and reputation of the company when you’re wondering, “Is Find My Profession legitimate?”

Is Find My Profession Credible?

You might be wondering, “Is Find My Profession legitimate?” Find My Profession has reviews on numerous sites, such as Sitejabber and the Better Business Bureau. You can look at FindMyProfession reviews to learn more about the company’s reputation and learn about Find My Profession ratings.

Although the company was founded by Mike Podesto only a few years ago, it has already garnered primarily positive reviews from many of the major review sites. Podesto also often takes the time to personally talk to the client to offer advice and ensure a quality experience. These qualities all bode well on the service if you’re wondering, “Is Find My Profession a legitimate career service?”

This particular business also hires top rated resume writers who have experience in a wide variety of industries. They claim to hire resume writers who are at the top of their game in writing resumes to stand out from the crowd.

Another benefit that Find My Profession offers is the ability to provide individualized service to each of its clients. The company has been in business for long enough (since 2015) and has set up its resources that it can still provide a range of services.

How Much Does Find My Profession Cost?

The FindMyProfession cost varies depending on what kinds of services you choose and on the length of time that you request for things like training sessions on interviewing.

Find My Profession fees can vary according to the levels of service and types of services that you choose. Currently, a cover letter costs approximately $119, which is one of the lower priced services that they offer. Resumes cost slightly more, and the price can depend on the job level that you’re applying for; a resume for an entry-level job will cost about $395, and a resume for a C-level executive position with a cover letter and LinkedIn makeover will cost about $1793.

The price of a career coaching session can vary according to the length of the coaching session. For instance, the FindMyProfession cost of a 4-week program is approximately $999.

There are also packages that are designed for people in professional positions, IT positions, and even for people seeking government and federal jobs. This can be a great asset for people seeking government jobs as these types of jobs have their own unique processes.

Federal Resume Writing ($695-$1095)

The service is for employees securing a federal position or applying for government career advancement. Federal job announcements analysis with identification of keywords to include from professionals create a powerful, on target, federal-style resume. That’s a place for your navigation through a USAJOBS or military to civilian resume writing.

C-Level Resume Writing ($995)

The service covers the proficient needs of C-suite/C-level top executives. It comprises the best content strategies, design, and value positioning for CAO, CBO, CCO, CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, CTO, CQO, CSO, CRO. That’s the place for branding applicants as the distinct executives and turning into top interview winners in any industry.

Executive Resume Writing ($795)

The service aims to leverage strategic positioning for current or rising executives, who apply for director-level positions or higher. Executive resume writing service delivers persuasive content from scratch to release your marketing pitch. Find out how visual elements of conservative, modern-style, or creative architecture clarify your value offer.

Professional Resume Writing ($595)

The service designs and customizes resume writing strategy for mid-career professionals in any industry with experience summary of 3+ years. Professional resume writing service underlines a value proposition, which is unique to your skills and career goals. Try out your new key-word rich and industry-focused resume to get equipped in a job search.

Entry-Level Resume Writing ($395)

The service provides entry-level resume writing for applicants from college and beyond it. If you have low experience or none in any industry, keyword optimization methodology will bring your accomplishments to life. Along with your resume, you’ll get a proven comprehensive format, tested with top-notch hiring managers, and designed by leading technologists.

Curriculum Vitae Writing ($695-$1395)

The CV writing service guarantees modern, high impact, full-editable curriculum vitae for anyone who needs it with changes, updates, and support. The team provides compelling and targeted content of your CV and its full ATS compliance. Re-frame your experiences and skills for the US and UK with our experts in the context of the desired vacancy.

Mike Podesto is the founder of Find My Profession, who is regularly in touch with clients to provide quality service. For instance, he might collaborate with the client and writer on crafting the resume, or he might talk to the client personally about the best ways for the company to meet their needs. Comments about Podesto working with clients directly is in many of the reviews on Find My Profession.

You can find a full listing of Find My Profession fees by visiting the Find My Profession website. You can also learn more about how much the people who are writing your resume are getting paid, which can tell you something about how much of your money is being invested into quality services.

Find My Profession Glassdoor review options allow employees to post how much they made working for the company, so you can get a much better idea of what your money is going toward and better gauge whether or not you think that the service is going to be worthwhile.

If you’re wondering, “How much does Find My Profession cost?” you should know that the amount that the company invests into its employees can also be a factor in the quality of the feedback that you get back. That’s why Find My Profession Glassdoor reviews are so important even though Glassdoor is reviewing the quality of the work environment rather than the quality of the services.

Find My Profession on SiteJabber

Currently, FindMyProfession reviews on SiteJabber total nearly five stars based on dozens of reviews. In fact, out of 40 reviews, 36 reviewers gave a total of five stars.

SiteJabber breaks up their ratings based on quality, value, and service. Quality refers to whether or not the reviewer feels that services that were provided had value of their own merit without taking into account the price.

Value refers to whether or not the reviewer thinks that the services were reasonably priced. Finally, service refers to whether or not the reviewer thinks that the company has quality customer service.

SiteJabber also has a section that highlights some of the most positive qualities that the reviewers cited. Some of these include that the company was able to take their resume and job searching to the next level. Some people consider that the services were instrumental in helping them attain their dream job. Job seekers mention that Find My Profession has caused recruiters to take notice of their LinkedIn profiles.

If you want to review Find My Profession yourself, SiteJabber and other business review companies are ideal when you want to better understand a company or service. They can also be good places to find basic information, such as the Find My Profession physical address.

sitejabber reviews
It was just dumb luck that I came across Find My Profession while tinkering with LinkedIn. My job was about to be eliminated and I hadn’t interviewed for work in over a decade. My wife pushed me to try the service, actually. I am glad she was right.They helped me with my resume, interviews, LinkedIn profile and they didn’t mind me chewing their ear off a bit about my job search woes. Great service run by knowledgeable, friendly people with big hearts.
find my profession reviews
I would have to say that working with Find My Profession has been one of the best decisions I have made! You can count on both Mike and Steven to use their knowledge and resources to deliver the best results to their clients. For any senior executive or c-level leader interested in making over their LinkedIn profile, redesigning their resume, or preparing for that next interview Find My Profession is where to go. You are no longer on your own spending countless hours seeking out that next opportunity Find My Profession eliminates all the hassle. Great company!

Find My Profession on the Better Business Bureau

Find My Profession isn't currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but there are a couple of people who have decided to review Find My Profession, and all of the reviews have been outstandingly positive. In fact, of the five reviews, all five of them have received five stars from the reviewers. The BBB is also a great place to search for the Find My Profession physical address.

And if you're interested in getting into the federal sector, you'll be interested to know about the type of service that others applying for government sector jobs have said about Find My Profession. Applying for a federal position is different than applying for positions in the private sector, so you need someone who has experience writing resumes for those types of jobs to go through your resume so that you can be certain that you're presenting your experience in the best possible light.

Three of the five reviewers on the Better Business Bureau website have said that the federal job resume writer at Find My Profession is highly competent at creating a resume that will stand out from the rest. Some of these people previously had federal jobs but were still having difficulties attaining a job until they began working with Find My Profession.

You Should Choose Find My Profession

When you're looking for a way to boost the quality of your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or interviewing skills so that you can land your dream job, find a job after a length of unemployment, or find a better job than the one that you currently have, you should take a look at the services that Find My Profession can offer.

Even though the company is young, it has already built a following that trusts its services and the people behind them. This is especially important for anyone who is trying to gain employment in the public sector because what a public sector hiring manager is looking for can differ from what a private sector hiring manager is looking for.

When you want to brush up or completely revamp your cover letter, resume, or other job search material, you might be wondering, "Is Find My Profession a legitimate career service?" You can look at Find My Profession ratings to get a better idea of what this young company is known for.

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