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Last Updated on 12/27/2023

Government jobs are among the most desirable jobs. Many such jobs provide decent wages and good benefits. Government workers often have paid time off, paid holidays and affordable health insurance. Read on for tips and advice on how to get a government job without experience.

Focus on Skills and Education

To apply for government jobs, you will need a good resume. If you don’t have experience working in the field to which you’re applying, focus on skills and education. Be sure to highlight the skills and education that relate to the job you want.

For instance, you may seek a job processing applications for government assistance. If so, think about the skills that such a worker would need. Then, determine how your strengths and skills would fit with the job. Even if you have no experience doing office work, but you good at computer software, just mention a software proficiency in your resume. 

Other skills to list for an office worker job might involve computer skills or experience using office equipment. Some skills that might help are as follows:

  • Mail sorting
  • Making photocopiesno experience job
  • Sending Faxes
  • Proficiency in email services (ie. Outlook of Gmail)
  • Filing paperwork
  • Proficiency in word processing programs
  • Organizing reports
  • Making schedules
  • Taking phone messages

If you are worried about not having the required skills, there are classes you can take. Contact the local department of labor. Labor offices sometimes offer job skills classes, and many are free of charge. If you can afford classes at a junior college, that’s also an option. Take classes in business management or bookkeeping.

A lack of work experience should not stop you from applying to a job. Let’s say you want a job working at a state park. If you’ve ever had a job related to the one you seek, list those skills on your resume. Customer service skills or landscaping would be a plus.

Use Your Resources

Most states have labor department offices in various counties. Contact a labor office to consult with a job search specialist. These specialists can answer questions you may have about your resume. They can also offer tips on rewriting your resume. 

Job search specialists offer advice on interviewing or which sorts of questions to expect. The mock interview is an excellent way to polish your communicational skills and reduce stress.

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Government Jobs Hiring with No Experience

Finding the proper job posting boards might require a little research. Do a few quick searches online. State government jobs will be listed on the state’s website. To find federal jobs with no experience, visit the jobs website maintained by the federal government. If you seek county or local government jobs, visit your county government’s website.

Pro Tip:Make a habit of visiting the Go Government website and check out the recent announcements on the home page. They have awesome job offers for students as an internship in the cybersecurity-related field with up to $75,000 loan assistance! Offers are constantly updated, so keep your ear to the ground.

Check out job openings for clerk. This position will provide a minimal amount of on-the-job training. Such jobs most often require high school education and minimal experience with computers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, office clerks are generally paid hourly. The BLS reports that clerks are often responsible for record-keeping, accepting fee payments and issuing licenses and permits.

State governments also offer manual labor jobs. These jobs sometimes require skilled labor, but in many cases, they do not. The Department of Public Works has positions for road crews and infrastructure builders. This is outdoor work. However, it provides benefits and paid holidays similar to those of other government jobs.

The U.S. military is another option for those seeking federal jobs with no experience. Enlisted service jobs are easy to obtain compared to skilled labor jobs. Enlisted service job seekers must still meet age requirements and in some cases, they must be in good physical health.

U.S. military workers receive health care coverage, paid training and retirement benefits. Some members of the military also take advantage of the education benefits. Such benefits allow workers to receive free college tuition. There are also many opportunities for promotion and merit raises. For more information on how to apply for these jobs, visit the website of the military branch that you are interested in.

The U.S. postal service offers federal jobs with no experience. These jobs require you to submit an application online. Then, you must take a written assessment. After the assessment, the last step in the process is a formal interview. These jobs generally require you to have a high school diploma. Depending on the position, you may need basic math skills or computer skills. 

Because there are so many branches of government, finding a job in government is possible as long as you know where to look.

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