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Last Updated on 12/27/2023

Unlike other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), LinkedIn is explicitly aimed at professional networking. And it is very convenient for both recruiters and job seekers. 

Statistics show that LinkedIn represents workers from all sectors, holding positions up to senior executives of all companies from the Fortune 500 list.

Some users practice LinkedIn for one narrowly set goal, for example, only for sales and promotion of a business, or to search for personnel, or to find a new job. It certainly gives results. But what about veterans or former military?

After a long service, as a rule, they find it challenging to find new job opportunities. However, candidates who have completed army school have many advantages that they do not realize: 

  • purposefulness and discipline;
  • diligence and punctuality;
  • strong technical skills.

With the transition from military to civilian jobs, it is essential to understand how recruiting works. The best solution is to start a LinkedIn profile. 

Free LinkedIn Premium for Veterans

The LinkedIn development team has a sincere commitment to helping U.S. veterans find new jobs. That is why they created a special discount – LinkedIn Free Premium upgrade for veterans with access to LinkedIn Learning. 

What does LinkedIn premium free for veterans means? It implies that all registered veterans are guaranteed to receive 1-year LinkedIn premium military for free. 

Who can use this offer? There are several requirements that veterans must meet: 

  • This feature is only available to U.S. veterans, so you should be a current or former U.S. military.
  • You can use this discount only once. If you have previously used this feature with an old account, it is no longer available for a new one.
  • You currently do not have a LinkedIn Premium subscription. But you can wait until the subscription ends or cancel it to take advantage of the free offer.
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LinkedIn Military Discount

How to get a free LinkedIn premium for military? You can do this in just 4 steps:

  1. Go on the Veterans Premium Request page.
  2. Log in using the “Troop ID” button.
  3. Create a new account or write your credentials.
  4. After your service status is approved, you can activate the free LinkedIn for veterans function on the official LinkedIn website. 

That is all! If you start doing it right now, then in a few days, you will get access to the annual Premium LinkedIn free for the military. 

Why do you need a LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium expands your social networking experience. Here are a few of the benefits: 

  • the ability to see who was viewing your profile;
  • the ability to introduce yourself to a user through a common friend – “Introductions”;
  • all users can send you messages for free;
  • premium filters for search;
  • the ability to search for recommendations;
  • more extensive search list (profiles, vacancies). 

It is just a small list of Premium LinkedIn for veterans features. But you will have a whole year to explore all the features and privileges. It is an excellent opportunity to find a new job, build a business connection, and professional network. 

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    Thanks for this article, it got me thinking about creating Linkedin profile. Previously, I have not considered linkedin for military purposes.

    1. Daniella Epstein
      Daniella Epstein

      Hi Paul,
      You are welcome!
      LinkedIn is a great tool for self-promotion, so go ahead!:)

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