what does few vacancies mean on usajobs

Last Updated on 12/27/2023

The federal government is required to post any and all open positions. Often, there may be an anticipated opening for a certain job. The hiring managers may not know the exact number of positions that will be open in a certain area. Since the federal job announcement forms have a standardized format, the hiring managers have to put a number of anticipated openings. They may say 1, but if they need 2 or 3 people, they will commonly choose to enter “few” vacancies. 

The recruiters only have a limited number of options on the form to state how many job openings they have. They may give a specific number if it’s known — like 8 openings, or 2 openings in a specific city. Otherwise, the default option that they often choose to use is a “few.”

“Few” or “Many” Vacancies USAJOBS Website Terms

Another option that the head hunters will use is to say that they have “many vacancies.” The “many vacancies” option is used if there is a high-need employment area, such as RNs needed for Veterans Affairs medical centers across the nation. 

The designation “many vacancies” may be used to indicate there is possibly a standing job order for that type of position. Otherwise, when the hiring manager is only hiring a smaller number of people, they will usually choose the “few vacancies” option on the job announcement form.

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Where to Find Vacancy Identification Number on USAJOBS

It’s crucially important that you put your Vacancy Identification Number on all of your resumes and job applications. You can find the Vacancy Identification Number USAJOBS within the job announcement form. It’s located within the job information in the middle of the job announcement.

BE SURE TO NOTE that the same job may have more than one listing. It depends whether you are military, civilian, a current federal employee or a member of the general public. Your status will determine your hiring track, so be sure that you’re applying for the correct vacancy — and that is when you’ll check your Vacancy Identification Number.

When you keep in mind these application tips, it will help increase your odds of finding success. While applying for a federal job can sometimes involve many steps, you’ll find that the federal government has a broad range of excellent employment opportunities.

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    Deepa Pandey

    where can i find the vaccancy identification number for USA Jobs. Do i need vaccancy identification number to apply for usa jobs?

    1. Federal Resume Guide
      Federal Resume Guide

      To be sure, always check the specific application instructions provided in the job announcement. If a VIN number is required, it will be listed in the Application Details section. If you cannot find it on the USAJOBS website, you can also contact with person listed in the job announcement for assistance.

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